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I started Carrying the Cross to chronicle my journey in the way of the cross in the midst of what I see as an increasingly more consumerist and humanist Christianity. Since 2006, Matthew 16:24 has been the constant invitation in my daily journey of knowing Christ, ministering to his church and engaging in his mission.


I write about the Church as I experience it in my local community covering everything from ecclesiological trends to liturgy.


I'm a champion and practitioner of servant-leadership principles and enjoy reflecting about cross-cultural leadership dynamics.


I like to theologize in ways that are biblical and missional. I also enjoy diving into doctrine and theology as history.

André Rocha

Hello, my name is André. I'm a pastor and missionary currently residing in San Diego with my wife Molly. I'm passionate about crossing cultures, consuming coffee and communicating Christ. The local church and missions are really important to me. To that end, I have degrees in Theology with a concentration in Urban Missions through the South American Theological Seminary and in Intercultural Studies with an emphasis in Leadership from Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California.


Mission is the inevitable consequence of following Jesus, therefore I write about my praxis both locally and globally.


Proclamation is my passion. Here you can catch all of my latest sermons in written word, audio or video.


I fan my faith into flame through personal spiritual practices, daily devotionals and insights from my endless chase after God's love.

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