To carry the cross is a principle based on Matthew 16:24 that guides the life of every disciple of Christ. The cross speaks of Christ’s victory over sin. It declares this victory over the life of the individual through selflessness and the renouncing of the passions of the world to follow Christ. Beyond death to self, the cross also speaks of the resurrection, a new life in Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. Above all, the cross speaks of the love of God the Father, who loved the world so much and now calls all disciples to lay their lives and share in God’s mission on earth.


Carrying the Cross was born of the desire to see the truth of the cross of Christ taking center stage in today’s confusing and diverse religious world. We understand that we live in a time where social behaviors are strongly marked by hedonism, pragmatism and syncretism. Evangelical Christianity is also affected by the culture of today, and has been deprived of an identity that is firmly grounded in biblical-theological concepts that the cross of Christ communicates. In today’s globalized world, Evangelical Christianity has become just another product of faith among others that are also offered in the vast market culture of faith.

In this scenario, we see the need to get back to the Gospel. Christ is the center of true Biblical Gospel, and the cross is the epicenter where a sinful humanity meets the loving God. This happens in such a way that the cross of Christ becomes uniquely different than any other philosophy or religion in the world. Christ also becomes the prism through which we obtain all sense of religious identity, whether individual or communal. Thus, the cross becomes the convergent point where peoples, tribes and nations are unified into one body, with the ultimate goal of forming the Church of Christ on earth. The cross is therefore singular, because it represents the centrality and uniqueness of Christ as Lord and Savior.


  • The Bible is the ultimate standard for belief, teaching, practice and relationships;
  • Because God cares about the world so do we;
  • The true follower of Christ bears fruit and grows spiritually;
  • The pursuit of excellence in everything we do glorifies God;
  • The Christian life should be marked by relationships of love, grace and acceptance;
  • Character precedes personal gifts and talents, and prayer makes a decisive difference in everything we do;
  • The process of radical and lasting transformation is more efficient through discipleship;
  • The results of our performance comes from a heart that is dedicated, submissive and committed to Jesus Christ;
  • The ministry is best developed through people who exercise spiritual gifts that prioritize community and the building up the Body of Christ;


  • André Rocha
    André RochaFounder

    Hello, my name is André Rocha. I’m an ordained minister and missionary through AMID World Mission. I am a member at the International Christian Church in Atlanta/USA, where I was ordained and honorarily serve in the pastoral team. I have also spent many years working as a missionary in Greece in various ministry capacities. I currently live in Athens – Greece serving as a regular preacher at the Glyfada Christian Center and a liaison for AMID World Mission throughout Europe. Church and missions is my life. I have a BA in Theology with a minor in Urban Missions from the South American Theological Seminary in Londrina/Brazil and a Masters in Intercultural Studies with a concentration in Leadership Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena/USA.