How much do you believe in the value of your work, service or product?

Many professionals today feel stuck in their careers because deep down they do not really believe in what they do, who they work for or the service they provide.

Research shows that people who believe in what they do engage in their work creatively. They build as they believe. From their beliefs, they draw inspiration, energy and even determination for when work becomes difficult.

The same is true in the practice of leadership. To lead is to build belief in the mission of your company, the value of your service or utility of your product.

Studies also show that financial compensation alone has little influence on the way your people sell your product or service. At the core, they need to believe that they are building a better world through what they do or represent.

It is the belief in the meaning, rather than the success, that ultimately dictates how individuals derive value from what they do. What about you? How much do you believe in what you do? How do you build according to what you believe?