How odd of God!

William N. Ewer once said, “How odd of God to have choosen the Jews.” He said this because God could have chosen the glorious Romans, the wise classical Greeks, the might Persians or even the industrious Pharaonic dynasties.

Yet he chose the Hebrews, a nomadic people of herdsmen with little to offer. Dr. John Goldingay, one of the foremost authorities in the Old Testament today and former professor of mine, would often say that “God chooses the belittled.”

Now go to the New Testament. Christianity started as a movement based on the testimony of a few Galilean fisherman. During the first 4 centuries it grew largely among the lowest classes of society. It grew on the margins from the centers of power.

Christianity brought together Jews and Gentiles, men and women, slave and free. It reimagined the world through the justice and peace of God often being counter-cultural to the empires around it. Historically, here too God seems to choose the belittled, the undervalued and the improbable.

On that same note we can say, “How odd of God to choose the church. How odd of God to have chosen me!”

God bless!