We live in times where the old maps of people and project management are becoming obsolete. Technological and logistic advances present new solutions but also new challenges.

In the present reality every leader is also an explorer, called to bravely contend with an unknown world. In this new reality, leadership is courage.

Aristotle called courage the “primal virtue” because it makes all other virtues possible. In addition to being the most important human virtue, it is also the most important virtue in today’s business world.

Think about it: Important business concepts like leadership, innovation and sales lose value with the absence of courage. Leadership means making bold and often unpopular decisions. Leadership requires courage. Innovation involves the creation of new ideas that challenge tradition and status quo. Innovation requires courage. Sales require repeated rejections before closing a deal. Selling requires courage. Take courage, and sales, innovation and leadership lose their power.

Contrary to popular belief, courage is a learned skill and almost everyone has the ability to be courageous. There is a good chance that the solutions that worked in your industry a decade ago no longer work today. Leading change in a changing world will require courage.

Faced with this challenge, how are you willing to explore new directions in the context where you lead? How are you tracing new paths and drafting new maps?