May 2016 – Quick News from Greece!

Hi there,

Here are some quick news from Andre and Molly Rocha in Greece.

Looking Back

13051658_10153687793197737_8843460194141058793_nLast month we were blessed to host Bishop Phillip Wiley for a series of meetings at church. God used Bishop Wiley in a mighty way to challenge and encourage us in the Word. Our theme for the weekend was on hosting the presence and glory of God. The Spirit moved mightily through our time of ministry. Some came to Christ for the first time, others recommitted their lives to the Lord, still some were filled and baptized in the Spirit while there were also healings and deliverances. We are still collecting testimonies from our congregation even 2 weeks after the event. The church responded to the challenge and has since stepped out in faith seeking to truly host the glory of God. You may watch the video recording of our conference by clicking here.

Looking Around

12938274_10153672979617737_1523496946867468895_nThis has been a busy season of ministry here in Greece. Andre is preaching regularly at church while Molly is evermore involved with the children’s ministry. God has blessed us with insight into both areas, which has really shown in the content of what is being ministered. Molly led the children’s department through a five-week series on the Easter message leading up to Greek Passover celebrations on May 1st. Andre has been preaching regularly on Sundays and Wednesdays. You can watch his messages by clicking here.

Andre sets off to London on May 11 to participate in a Pentecost celebration organized by Empowered21. He is looking forward to joining other European church and ministry leaders as they seek a fresh move of God in this continent. It will also be a time to learn from some of the top charismatic leaders of our time and to meet other leaders from around Europe as God continues to open new doors here.

Looking Ahead

Summer is fast approaching. You may recall that Summer 2015 marked the start of the largest migrant and refugee crisis in Europe since the Second World War. No one expected that tens of thousands of refugees would enter European borders on a daily basis. What ensued was a scramble from world coalitions, national governments, humanitarian institutions and local churches to respond to this unprecedented challenge. As summer approaches and the weather and waters of the Aegean get warmer, it could once again trigger another major refugee influx. Our church has responded and will continue to respond to the challenge by leading initiatives and partnering with local organizations. Please pray that we may have the material and human resources necessary to help those in need.

This summer will also mark the one year anniversary of our return to Greece. We thank God for sustaining us thus far. However, our financial support is still only at 70% of what we truly need in order survive. Please consider partnering with us financially and spiritually. Click here to know more!

Thank you for your concern for us and the mission of God in Greece.

Be blessed!

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