Why am I here? Mark’s Commission

A look at the commission in Mark 16 addressing the factors of our calling in Christ.

Why am I here? Matthew’s Great Commission

In this current series called "Why am I here?", we endeavor to look at the subject of calling and identity in each Gospel commission. In Matthew's "Great Commission", we start by looking at the

Vulnerable Mission – A New Approach for the 21st Century

‘Vulnerable mission’ as a technical term was devised by a small team in 2007. The issue for which vulnerable mission was formed is to create a way through dependency syndromes. For those working in

Ten Outstanding Books of 2016 for Mission Studies

The editors of the International Bulletin of Mission Research, after consultation with several distinguished scholars, have selected ten books published in 2016 for special recognition of their

The Great Commission in 3D

An exposition of Matthew 28 looking at the Great Commission from a multidimensional perspective.

A Third Choice: Covenant as a Better Ethos for Immigration

It is a truism to say that the United States is a nation of immigrants. John F. Kennedy echoed these words when writing A Nation of Immigrants, a publication that attempted to reform the old