My journey began in Greece in July of 2007. Since then I have worked with individuals, ministries and local churches promoting a wide range of projects focused on evangelism, discipleship, worship and social justice. During my first two years in the field I worked closely with Hellenic Ministries, a ministry based in Athens with branches in the United States, Canada, Australia and South Africa. I was blessed to be part of the Special Projects Team, where we organized initiatives like Operation Joshua, a mass evangelism project that aims to put a copy of the New Testament in every home in Greece. During this time I also preached regularly at conferences, retreats, Sunday services and Bible studies. While with HM, I also developed a ministry to professional athletes and artists. This ministry was primarily focused on building personal relationships, evangelism and one-on-one discipleship. In 2012, I felt the Lord redirecting me to focus on the local church. This led me to Glyfada Christian Center in Athens. GCC is a diverse church made up of Greeks and expats whose mission is to bring every Christian to worship, grow and serve. I have had the privilege of working closely with the pastoral staff, where I was heavily involved in the area of ​​preaching, discipleship and Bible teaching. I also served in the Glyfada Christian Academy, a school that is part of the ministry of GCC and EME Ministries. With GCA I served as a chaplain to middle and high school students. I continue to be committed to promoting, facilitating and investing in missionary efforts in Greece. I see myself as a visionary leader with gifts in teaching, discipleship, networking and vision-casting. My task consists primarily of evangelism through personal relationships with local Athenians as well as working with local Greek Christian churches through preaching, leadership training and discipleship. Please consider partnering with me in prayer and financial support.


  • André Rocha
    André RochaFounder
My name is André Rocha. I am an ordained minister, a preacher and a cross-cultural missionary passionate about building up the Body of Christ through inspirational teaching and empowering preaching the Word of God. I’m a 5th generation minister who was brought up around solid biblical teaching and missional involvement. Over the past 14 years I have been privileged to work interdenominationally in Brazil, the United States, Portugal, England and Greece. Since 2007, a missionary call to Greece led to move to Athens, where I have lived a Kingdom lifestyle working in unison with local ministries and different denominations. During this time, I have learnt to develop an approach to ministry that is holistic, contextual and relevant. Church and missions is my life. I have a BA in Theology with emphasis in urban missions from the South American Theological Seminary and a Masters in Intercultural Studies Degree with a Leadership concentration from Fuller Theological Seminary, in California. If you would like to schedule me to speak at your church, gathering or event, please drop me a line by using the form on the right.

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