Quick News from Greece

Looking Back

commissionThe last couple of months were crucial in defining our mission here in Greece. First, Andre was commissioned to the position of Associate Pastor at Glyfada Christian Center. He will have more responsibilities in preaching and teaching, but also in guiding the community through leadership along with pastoral staff. Secondly, Molly was integrated as one of the leaders in the children’s department. She has since worked as a key part of the team to ensure our kids receive quality teaching and care. Molly also became involved with an initiative aiming at starting an education program among the gypsy community in Athens. She has helped teach pilot classes and is now involved in the planning committee.


Looking Around

20150918_160045We have been devoting significant time and resources to learning Greek. We take private lessons twice a week and have already made noticeable strides in our understanding of this difficult language. Our local leadership has advised us not to neglect this time of learning. Along with language studies, we are also deeply involved in local ministry. Andre is coordinating the church’s web presence, along with teaching and preaching on an almost weekly basis. He is also exploring the option of part-time employment in order to offset our current living costs. Please pray that we will be able to discern Gods will for this time. Molly continues to meet with the gypsy school initiative. They are working on securing a building to house the students and have now began a push to raise awareness about the importance of education among the parents and elders of the gypsy community.

Looking Ahead

We are coming up to a busy period of ministry. Easter season is very special in Greece, so the church has some exciting events lined up. On April 14-21, we will be hosting Bishop Phillip Wiley from Bread of Life Church in Lynchburg, VA. He will be ministering at conference at our church during 15-17. Andre is spearheading the organization of this event. Bishop Wiley is a dear friend and we are excited to have him. Andre is also looking forward to participating in the Empowered 21 Conference in London on May 11-14. Two of our pastoral staff are key leaders in the Empowered 21 initiative and this could represent a great opportunity to learn and network with other church leaders in Europe.

That would be all for now. Please pray for each bit of news. Do also consider collaborating with us financially.

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