How Odd of God

How odd of God! William N. Ewer once said, "How odd of God to have choosen the Jews." He said this because God could have chosen the glorious Romans, the wise classical Greeks, the might Persians or…

Live Your Doxology

An exposition of Romans 16:25-27 looking at factors that establish us in living for God's glory.

The Spiritual Laws of Greatness

A message on Isaiah 40 exploring the greatness of God's Holiness and the resulting greatness of his purpose for his people.

Developing a Prayer Life

An expository look at 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 on what it means to lead a life of prayer.

Factors Undermining Faith

An exposition of Luke 14:25-33 looking at three factors that will undermine faithfulness to Christ in our lives.

Birthing God’s Promise

A look at Galatians 4 analyzing the process of birthing God's promise and purpose in the world.