Christ the Mediator

A look into how Christ is the sole mediator of God's economy by revealing, reconciling and redefining purpose based on the mission of God.

The Supremacy of Christ

An exposition of Colossians 1:15-20 highlighting the supremacy of Christ's divinity, humanity and activity.

Islam and Christianity Dialogue on Creation and Ecological Preservation

Over the last century, Islam and Christianity have become global religions. Today, there are Muslims and Christians in every continent of the world. The recent processes of globalization have sped up the interaction between the two faiths. Consequently, interactions from both sides have ranged from…

Who is Jesus: The 4 acts of Luke 9

Luke 9 presents us with an unfolding narrative concerning the identity of Jesus Christ. The plot unfolds in 4 acts. Each act has its main protagonists that speak from their particular vantage point. First, we find the character of Herod the Tetrarch. He speaks from the vantage point of the empire,…

God and Humanity through a Trinitarian Perspective

The Case for Trinitarian a Perspective A proper theology of God molds our Christian worldview. In the same respect, a Trinitarian perspective informs our view of ontology and teleology. Theology begins in God. Therefore, theology must consider the Trinity as its beginning. Over emphasis on a single…